Clowder™ is uniquely tailored to your organizational needs, branding and selected features. Our pricing reflects our belief in year-round mobile engagement for maximum app adoption and success.

  • Pricing starts at $1495/mo
  • $0 onboarding costs
  • $0 implementation costs
  • $0 update costs
  • Partnership approach pre- and post-launch
  • Ongoing sharing of Clowder’s Mobile Best Practices

Tailored to Solve Your Challenges

The Clowder™ platform is equipped with the best features for driving maximum member engagement. Our apps are completely flexible and scalable to meet your unique needs. Our base version starts at just $995 a month and includes our strongest 5 features along with an admin panel for full backend control.


Increases member benefits

Decreases member churn

Increases Sponsorship

Enhances content distribution

Keeps your member profiles up to date and your database clean

Revenue from more members, content and sponsorship

Makes you relevant in front of younger members as you replenish your group for the future

The Ultimate Solution

Members are continually engaged, connected, informed and updated

Organizational goals are better met through improved communication, involvement and productivity

Additional revenue is generated through in-app sponsorship opportunities as well as increased event attendance and membership retention

Millennial memberships grow as organizations modernize

The platform becomes your personalized, native app complete with your unique branding and logo