Your App + Social Media

When your organization has its own native app, it should not completely replace your social media channels. Social media should be used to enhance your mobile efforts. The goal is to take the wide audience you’re able to reach through social media and direct traffic towards your app. Posts through social media platforms bring attention to your app, its content, features and updates. These posts help to keep app retention high. The frequency in which you should be sharing posts about your app is at least once a week.

Placing the download link to your app in your social media bios allows for quick access. You can also include links in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts, but not in Instagram posts as they will not be clickable. You do however have the option to attach a “Swipe up” link to Instagram Story posts as well as Snapchat Story posts. People are often less likely to search for an app on their own so it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them.

Some examples of app-related social media posts include -

“Need to register for our upcoming event? You can now sign up on our Clowder™ app! One click gets you enrolled and ready to go! Don’t delay - spaces are limited! #DCTech #TechConference”

“Today on our app: What is your organization doing to attract Millennials? Join the conversation in our forum! #Associations #Membership”

“Our 8 predictions for the future of associations is on the app today! Take our poll after you read to let us know your thoughts!”

“Have you downloaded our new Clowder™ app yet? Stay connected year-round with us while taking advantage of interactive features such as our forums, newsfeed, events tab and more! Use the link in our bio to download!”


Clowder™ is the #1 native app solution for associations and their members. Uniquely tailored, affordable and built within 60 days, this is the best tool for bringing members together in one centralized, mobile hub to better accomplish a network’s overall goals and purpose. To see what Clowder™ can do for you, schedule a demo!


Katie Argueta

Director of Communications, Clowder™

14 March 2018