Why Your Healthcare Nonprofit Needs A Mobile App

The healthcare industry has always been driven by progress using the latest approaches and technologies in patient treatment. Patients, however, are not the only ones within this scope who should be taken care of with top-notch innovations. To be more involved and, as a result, more productive, members of nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry deserve up-to-date technology and connectivity as well. On top of that, these groups need a competitive profile that stands out from others. The answer to this is a closed-community mobile application.

Today there are so many ways to communicate within an organization, but let’s admit it - this abundance of choice has a flip side being that we tend to waste a lot of time going back and forth between multiple platforms. And, honestly, it is often distracting, unorganized and even annoying to keep track of numerous browser tabs, emails, social apps, missed calls, or voicemails in order to stay updated. All of these channels of course help with connectivity, but they don’t provide one, centralized hub for a user. Having a singular app would eliminate the process of searching for information through so many different avenues. Nonprofits would benefit greatly from easy direct and group messaging among members as well as sharing ideas, polls and news with their entire organization through a dedicated news feed, all in one place. Discussions and engagement would increase substantially within included forums, mobile event registration, and deployed push notifications. Just like text messages exchanged through mobile devices, push notifications have a 90% open rate. Constant Contact found that emails deployed from member groups only had an open rate average of 14.12% in 2017.

Let’s face it - a successful image of a nonprofit is the first thing evaluated and determined by potential members. The healthcare industry is no exception – patients choose the right company or practice by either checking their online profile or whether or not they have their own app for providing better convenience to users. A mobile app significantly speaks to the level of professionalism and forward-thinking a nonprofit has to offer. It also serves to attract and grow their Millennial member base, which is often obsolete. Millennials know apps. Apps have become the standard for this demographic among businesses they choose to interact with.

What if a nonprofit could bring in new sources of revenue right through the same platform? Apps present huge opportunities for revenue generation. Apart from a nonprofit’s social media channels and their standard website, an app can bring about new beneficial partnerships for sponsored content. This exclusive mobile content could take place through newsfeed posts, forum discussions, offered events and advertisements. A great potential for additional revenue generated is the ability for the app to completely pay for itself. That is what one of the world's largest logistics associations was able to do through their member app. Since introducing their new app for association members only, they earned over $455,000 in just one year through sponsored content and increased conference registration.

A simple, easy-to-use, closed-community app allows for a fully immersive experience for nonprofits and their members. Members who engage through their mobile devices are much more active, up-to-date and involved than their non-mobile counterparts. It is a new level of engagement that only helps to drive organizational goals forward. Creating an atmosphere of close-knit collaboration and connectivity enhances overall productivity and effectiveness significantly. In the digital age and on-demand economy, a mobile app is vital to any nonprofit organization wanting to make huge strides towards lasting impact with their members.  

17 October 2017