Utilizing Influencers In Your App

Most likely you’ve heard of influencers as they’ve dominated today's social media platforms. These are users with large followings earned through the content they produce and the connection they have with their followers. The impact of influencers has even generated one of today’s leading forms of digital advertising known as influencer marketing. Their reach and voice drives major brand engagement.

This same concept should be applied to your membership app. A great way to grow app adoption among members is to identify internal influencers within your organization. These can include individuals such as key figures, department leads, content writers or specified employees. Ideal influencers are those who 1) are well-known and 2) are looked to as thought leaders.

Once influencers are established, a content calendar should be set in place to determine the posting type and frequency they’ll then produce. News feeds and forums are where they’ll find the most engagement. Within news feeds they can share relevant articles, documents, presentations, videos, etc. Inside forums they can interact with members through intriguing discussion topics and questions. 

The main purpose of utilizing influencers in your app is to spark ongoing and effective app usage among members. Influencers influence action. As members continue to view and expect their content, they'll quickly see the value in being an active participant not only in the app, but within the membership as a whole. This then brings about consistent logging in, greater interaction with content, and members beginning to create their own forum posts in order to converse with others and gain valuable opinions, feedback and knowledge.

Remember - an app doesn't work unless you do. If your organization puts forth the effort by creating a clear and beneficial path to daily mobile engagement, your members will follow with long-term involvement. 


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Katie Argueta

Director of Communications, Clowder™

04 April 2018