How Over 1,100 Members Finally Connected

Connecting within a large group isn’t always easy in today’s world of endless communication channels. Many have yet to figure out an efficient way to do so. Between calling, texting, emailing, websites, social media group pages, phone and desktop apps… we’re all over the place. What’s a group to do? Consolidate. Put everything in one place. And that place is a native mobile app.

One organization in particular took to this concept and has never looked back. Comprised of over 1,100 of the world’s top marketing executives, the association’s primary goal has always been to build collaboration among members. The freedom of full customization that an app offers has given them all the collaborative features they’ve been craving. These features include a news feed, member directory, direct and group chat, polling, discussion forums and an events tab for information and registration, all right from the device that’s always on hand (and checked on average about 150 times per day). 

From taking this leap to mobile, results have included:

- Membership cancellations dropped from 15% to 3% in 1 year

- Event attendance increased by 64% year over year for the same event

- Member interactions increased from 2.3 people to 8.7 people in 1 year

- Their app earned a 71% adoption rate

- Their average member checks the app 5X a day

The app has paid for itself many times over. Not only has additional revenue come in the form of membership retention and wider event attendance, but sponsored in-app content from partners as well. Real value is being built. And that value is easily tracked and measured through their online admin. They now have access to powerful data that was previously nonexistent, used to better understand and cater to their members. None of these results would have occurred if they had instead relied on a mobile-responsive website, their first considered strategy when wanting to go mobile. They also learned from past experience that apps specifically created for events like conventions and conferences aren’t enough either (99% of users delete them within 30 days after attending).

Members are gaining so much more with the ability to constantly stay updated and involved. Collaborative opportunities have increased significantly as member interactions continue to grow. Their founder raves, “We’ve never been this connected. The alleviation of so many of our previous struggles can be attributed to the simplicity of this application. Our members are so appreciative of this dedicated hub!”

This kind of engagement has the power to fully transform and modernize any organization. This is year-round, 24/7 connection like never before.


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Katie Argueta

Director of Communications, Clowder™

01 November 2017