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Test the user experience and envision the solution.

Are you one of the many association professionals who knows your organization would benefit from an app and that having an app is an inevitability, but you need to get others on board or jumpstart the process? A great way to spark interest and get a feel for how a native app can work for you and your members is to download the free Clowder® demo app and start exploring it today. To get a glimpse of the user experience, you can click here for iOS or click here for Android. 

When you download the app, you’ll create a simple, one-time login. Once approved by our team (you’ll quickly get a confirmation email), you’re able to start exploring the features and testing out the functionality. It’s really helpful to have the app in your hand while envisioning it branded to your association and populated with your members and the content they desire, and you want to deliver. This real-time use will showcase that it’s an easy-to-use, no-brainer tool for engaging with your members and should open your eyes to its many possibilities. 

As you browse, keep in mind the Clowder® platform is completely scalable and flexible. We know each association is unique and that’s why we are prepared to configure a solution that performs best for you. 

After you’ve taken a look at the app, schedule a live custom demo with us so we can take a deeper dive into how these features will benefit your specific organizational needs and goals. During the demo we will cover ways in which you can enhance relevance and effectiveness such as:

-  News Feeds can be customized to aggregate industry-specific content

-  Polls are simple to create and can gauge interest or get member feedback

-  Dues can be paid through mobile payment

-  Members can edit their Profiles and update their information within the app

-  Manage Events and Schedules with one-click Registration

-  Members can Message instantly and create group chats

-  Creating and following Forums connects members and encourages dialogue and collaboration

-  Notifications allow you to remind members of deadlines and promote content and events

-  The Resources tab allows you to upload important resources and frequently referenced materials

Download the Clowder® demo app today and discover the potential, experience the easy navigation and envision the impact the app can have on your association’s community. Through the Clowder® platform, we can build your association an app that caters to your organization’s priorities and goals, is rich in features and functions that best serve your needs and is branded to your specifications.

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Bridget Wendling

15 November 2018