Clowder™ - Better Than Slack

We at Pinxter Digital took notice of the growing trend of businesses and organizations turning to apps for connectivity. We knew there was an opportunity to create better mobile experiences for these closed communities. While applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams significantly help communication, they lack customization and branding. This is where the Clowder™ platform comes into play.

Clowder™ is a fully customized app comprised of readily built frameworks to fit any specific need. Clients now have the power to select features that speak to the heart of their user base. Features such as direct and group messaging, event coordination and registration, content sharing, news feeds, discussion forums, and specialized notifications offer a great deal of convenience, efficiency and productivity.

While this type of specialization would normally come at a high cost, we keep Clowder™ affordable by eliminating massive upfront charges and implementing budgeted monthly agreements instead. Clients will not have to wait long for the app to launch either as development time is quick and complete within 30 days or less.

Company employees or members of associations who engage through their mobile devices are much more active, up-to-date and involved than their non-mobile counterparts. This kind of connectivity empowers these users and fosters a stronger sense of community. Clowder™ allows for a unique branded experience, substantially raising an organization's profile.

17 October 2017