Add-ons and Integrations
Our Clowder™ solution offers a number of add-ons and integrations that expand your app’s capabilities. Integrations can include your event platform, AMS, CMS, news feeds, blogs and more.
Our Major Integrations
  • Members are continually engaged, connected, informed and updated
  • Full integration including single sign on, data, members, events and more
  • Includes single sign on, data, members and more
  • Membership dues, publications, event and other payments
  • Content integration via backend access
  • Full integration as a lead generation tool
Other Integrations
We have developed the efficiencies to eliminate the risks most face when creating an app by significantly cutting time and cost through our built-up library of dynamic frameworks.
  • Event Platforms
  • AMS
  • CMS
  • Blogs
  • Feeds