For Businesses, Organizations & Associations
Increase productivity & engagement by connecting on the device we check most often: Our Smartphones.
Reach the whole organization, a select few, or a team member right through their device.
Share content, resources, and ideas via the newsfeed, group forums, descussions, or private messaging.
Focus the app to maximize effeciencies in HR, training and development, event planning and registration, employee travel, and much more.
Put Clowder to work and start building a stronger organization now!

How are your members staying connected with one another, with your Association, and with your content?
This collaboration is key for Association members to feel empowered by your mission and refer it to others.
(*Hint: Sporadic conferences and emails are not enough anymore.)

Empower your Organization by going mobile.
Clowder provides the #1 collaboration app platform for you and your members to stay connected with one another through the ease of mobile. Our apps are fully customized and native to your branding and Association.

Full Customization
Clowder base version starting at $1,495 per month
The Clowder platform is completely scalable and flexible to fit the needs of any Organization. Our base model starts with the strongest 6 features:
  • My Feed
    Post content directly through news feeds
  • Members Tab
    Lists of members with smart search capabilities
  • Forums
    Create topics that open up discussions
  • Events Tab
    List events and information members will need
  • Push Notifications
    Triggered messages
  • Chat
    Direct chats with members
Case Studies
Clowder clients have experienced...
An increase in member interactions from 2.3 people to 8.7.
18 positions of employment placed through the forum feature in one year.
An increase in retention/readership by 17%, and membership cancellation drop from 15% to 3%.
An increase in revenue from newsfeed sponsorship by $455,000 in year one.
Event attendance increase of 64%.
The Market
The Clowder platform has taken the best features from...

Company Pages
... and combined them into one centralized application.
  • Full Company
  • Secure/Full
  • Revenue
  • Full
  • Full Company
  • Chat/Work
  • News Feeds
    & Forums

Extra Features
The features below can easily be added on to our base model for an additional cost:
Integration with Other Association Systems
(CRM, AMS, SalesForce, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Custom Admin/ User Management
  • Group Chat
  • Custom One-Time Notifications
  • File Attachment
  • Event Registration
  • Custom Filters
The Pinxter Difference
Traditional development requires $150,000+ upfront with uncertain outcomes
Not at Pinxter
No start-up costs required. We have developed the efficiencies to eliminate these risks by significantly cutting time and cost. We are building long-lasting client relationships and partnerships. Your Organization will quickly discover the Pinxter value.
The Ultimate Solution
Clowder will...
• Bring your members together • Update and inform your members • Generate revenue • Improve communication • Increase productivity • Contain your logo and branding • Constantly grow your base
See what Clowder can do for you!